Mykonos, with its many beautiful attractions, is frequented by thousands of tourists every year, especially during the summer. Being one of Greece’s top tourist spot, getting to Mykonos would definitely be not a problem to everyone as the island is considered to be a very well connected place. However, if you are thinking about getting on trains to get to Mykonos, then you should already scratch that idea by now. Logically, because Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of islands, a metro station would not be a practical means to get to and around the island – that and the fact that the island does not have a metro station (yet).

Trains are not really popular in Greece. Although Athens recently just had one (yes, recently!). It took quite a long time for a metro to be constructed in Athens as a lot of antiquities were discovered in the process, which then required the attention of archaeologists. That said, Greek’s very rich history was taken in serious consideration for a metro to be built. In the case of Mykonos, not only was the history considered but also its geography. Additionally, most of the Greeks are used to traveling via ferry, if not bus or cab, so cab would be something they will have to get used to – in case more are constructed in the years to come.

So although it is part of Europe, and metros are famous in the continent, this might not work all too well in Greece, particularly in Mykonos. If you want to know which ones to take, read our pages on the buses in Mykonos and flights to Mykonos.

Mykonos trains