With its unique offerings, Mykonos has been a favorite destination not just by many Hollywood celebrities but even by ordinary tourists as well. When planning to travel to Mykonos, your accommodation in the city as well as your itinerary should not just be the things you need to think about. More importantly, you need to learn about how to get there as well.

By reading about Mykonos information and learning about the island’s geography, you would understand the means to travel to it.

Unlike other parts in Europe, trains in Mykonos will not be your best option to reach the Greek island. Logically, because the place is surrounded with water, a metro station would not be practical to build (not necessarily impossible, just impractical). Buses in Mykonos are also plenty. However, they only provide services on places around the island – and not to get to the island.

For those traveling from outside Greece, a number of flights to Mykonos are offered by several airlines, especially during summer. Before you head to the island, it would be best to browse over the list of flights to the island and their schedule.

Basically, the best way to travel to Mykonos is by water and not by land. Ferries in Mykonos should be a convenient choice for all.