Mykonos, Greece is easy to explore. With enough knowledge about the island (you can read our Mykonos information or Mykonos City guide), you’ll easily learn the ins and outs of the island. There are various ways to get around Mykonos. You can take a taxi, bus, or a boat.


Mykonos bus

Mykonos boat

  • Taxi
  • Taxi is the island’s most convenient mode of transportation as it enables the passengers to visit several places in the island quickly and conveniently. The only disadvantage when taking a cab in the island is the expense because quite frankly, everything in the island do not come cheap. Every year, taxi rates in Mykonos change (which means it can go higher or very seldom go lower). Taxis in Mykonos do not have meters as the rates are standard according to its destination. Taxi square is the island’s main square, it lies next to the Man to Mavrogenenous statue.

  • Bus
  • The cheapest means of transport (by Mykonos standard) in the island is the local bus service. There are two bus stations in Mykonos, one on the north, the other on the south. Bus fare is usually just 2 Euros, however, it can go about 3-4 Euros during night time or during summer (where more and more people do come in the island). Bus tickets can be bought in kiosks or from the bus driver himself.

  • Boat
  • Often called as “kaiki” (caique), boat is the best way to visit the beautiful beaches in Mykonos, especially those located on its west and south side. Among the beaches reached by kaiki are Paradise, Paranga, Super Paradise, Agrari, and Psarou. Get details of the boat’s schedules and ticket information at the travel agencies situated at the port.


Most people in Mykonos take taxi to get to their destinations so do not be surprised if you’d have to wait longer just to get one. Before taking the cab, look at the rates carefully displayed at the taxi square. If they are not displayed, it would be wise to ask the driver instead.