Although Mykonos is one of the smallest islands in Cyclades, it is definitely one of the most famous and favorite tourist destinations – thanks to its beautiful natural attractions and breathtaking sights. A weekend in the island will thus prove to be an enjoyable one whether you spend it alone or with someone. However, you will need to really plan how you can maximize your stay in this Greek island given your limited time to stay.

For the perfect Mykonos weekend, it will be better to spend quality time in one of its many attractions than be in a hurry going from one place to another. You can go spend a day or two in Chora or savor its beautiful beaches for the whole weekend.

  • Chora
  • Also known as Mykonos Town, Chora is the island’s capital and port town. Every year, the town attracts thousands of tourists because of its amazing sights, which include its narrow whitewashed streets and numerous chapels and little churches. The houses here are attraction themselves, with tiny balconies, colorful windows, and Lilliput yards surrounded with pots of basilicum and bougainvillea.

  • Beaches
  • Mykonos is blessed with breathtaking golden sandy beaches and clear waters. With its beautiful sunshine and favourable weather, the island offers tourists with beaches that cater to every mood and taste – from nudist to party people, families, and couples.

    For beaches with the best sand, the south shore beaches in Mykonos are your best option. Other than the sand, the beaches here are also protected from the local Cycladic wind also called as Meltemi. If you are not fond of crowds, the best time to visit the beaches in the island is during morning since people start to flock the beaches in the afternoon. However, if you prefer to dip in the sea in the afternoon but are still not too happy with a lot of people, the beaches in the north coast will be favorable as they are less developed but just as beautiful.

    When visiting Mykonos for a very limited time, like the weekend, it is better to savor your time in the city and not worry about hurrying to just be everywhere in the island. A quality time in Mykonos is about enjoying its breathtaking attractions slowly.