If you are in Mykonos for a long weekend, then get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. As part of the Cyclades group of islands, Mykonos offers tourists with a lot of scenes and activities you will definitely enjoy. For this relatively short stay in the island, you can either go educational or laid-back. For educational, you can visit a few of the museums in Mykonos; for a laid-back vacation, you can take a dip in the island’s beaches.

  • Mykonos is home to a number of interesting museums ideal for those who are craving for new knowledge. Among the famous museums in the island are:

    Archaeological Museum of Mykonos – situated near quay and was built in 1902. Showcases house pottery from Delos, grave stales, jewellery and figurines from Rhenia, and funerary statues.

    Archaeological Museum of Delos – built in 1904, features graves and funerary statues from the 7th to 1st Century BC, figurines, potteries, mosaics, and jewellery.

    Aegean Maritime Museum – non-profit institution founded in 1983. Contains rich collection from the history of Greek maritime. Ancient vessels and nautical instruments are showcased here.

    Folklore Museum – founded in 1958 and situated in Castro, features a large collection of locks and keys, old measures and weights, plates, old oil lamps, and more.

  • Because of its beautiful weather all-year round, the beaches in Mykonos are great long weekend option destinations as well. Some of the well-loved beaches in Mykonos are:

    Plati Gialos – one of the most-frequented beaches in the island. It is surrounded with several hotels and restaurants.

    Psarou Beach – located 5km from Chora. It is a sandy beach with various facilities for water sports.

    Agios Ioannis – considered one of the most beautiful in southwest Mykonos. Beach provides a good view of the Delos Island.

    Make your long weekend in Mykonos memorable with these options.