Mykonos is among Greece’s most popular islands. Each year, tourists flock the beaches in the island and enjoy the wild parties of its nightlife. While all these are true, it is also true that the island is quite pricey. Thus, it is just apt to really make the most of your stay in the island. When you are in to explore Mykonos, you will sure be tempted to check out its neighboring islands as well for a day trip. Here are four of them:

  • Andros
  • Andros is just 2 hours and 15 minutes away from Mykonos via ferry for 14.50 Euros per person. This island is the northernmost island in the Cyclades, it is famous for its magnificent mountainous scenery. Aside hiking its trails, you can also take a dip in its unspoiled beach here during your day trip and enjoy the traditional meal offerings in their taverna.

  • Sifnos
  • A famous summer destination, this island also boasts of traditions white-washed houses, churches, museums, sandy beaches and many other natural resources. Sifnos is also great for some hiking. A ferry from Mykonos goes to the island at 8:25 AM and costs about 15 Euros per person.

  • Paros
  • Paros is also well-known among locals and foreign. Its charming villages, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking sights will make a lovely choice for an unforgettable day trip. To reach the island, you can take a ferry for 16.50 Euros per person. The ride usually takes 40 minutes. Paros is ideal for couples who are up for a romantic day trip. One of the interesting things to stop by here is the Church with 100 doors.

  • Delos
  • Just 3.5km from Mykonos, Delos can be reached thru ferry for about 45 minutes. Myth has it that the island is where the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis were born. Delos boasts of Mycenaean period remains which will be very interesting to history buffs. The historical site in the island is open from 8:30 AM through 3 PM. You can explore Delos by yourself or you can also hire a guide to help you around the island for your day trip.

    Your day trip in Mykonos will give you more meaningful experience in the island as you get to also appreciate some of the other islands that Greece is proud of.