Short stay in Mykonos may get you wanting for more, but if this is all the time you got to spend in the Greek island, you just have to be sure to make the most of your stay.

If you only have a weekend in Mykonos for instance, you have to make sure to carefully plot your activities. It would be wise to focus on a quality time in the island rather than quantity – that is, going from one attraction to another as this will prove to be very time consuming.

A long weekend in Mykonos will give you a longer time – although not much still – to explore more of the top attractions in Mykonos. You will can have more quality time dipping in the clear waters of its beautiful beaches or take a visit some of its museums and appreciating the fascinating collections each of it offers.

For those who are lucky enough to spend a week in Mykonos, you’ll get the chance to really take your time appreciating and experiencing the offerings of this Greek island. However, this would also mean to get your wallets ready as each day spent in Mykonos does not come cheap. And if you still have extra time and money, why don’t you go for a day trip in Mykonos and check out its neighboring islands?

So what if you only have a short stay in Mykonos? With careful planning of your itinerary, you’ll get to experience the best of the island much like those who have longer time to stay.