Greek Language School

Learning a new language while going abroad, such as Mykonos, Greece will be a thrilling experience – not to mention, exciting. However, because Greek is considered to be one of the languages in the world that is hardest to learn, browsing over online resources or getting a dictionary or translator may not be enough for you to really learn the language. Thus, if you are staying more than a week in Mykonos, it may be wise to consider enrolling yourself in a language school. Unfortunately, there isn’t much choice in the island as far as language schools is concern.

If you want to learn Greek when going to Mykonos, your best option is to enroll in a language school in Athens, where you will get to have a lot of options. Most of these institutions will teach you skills that will enable you to facilitate and master the Greek language. Here are some of the language schools you’d want to consider enrolling in:

Hellenic Language School Alexander the Great

2 Rethimnou St, 10682 Athens

Situated between Acropolis and Lycavitos, this language school was established in 1972. Its facilities include a computer laboratory that is fully equipped with an internet connection. It has a library and cafeteria as well. On average, its Greek course costs 533 Euros per week for a group of 8 students.

An Other Language

32 Nikis Street, Athens

Founded in 2001, this foreign language institute boasts of its ‘modern’ approach in teaching Greek. Its learning method is divided in three levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced for easy facility.



This Greek language school lies at the heart of Athens; just 200 meters from the underground station. It is easily accessible by public transport and boasts of good facilities. Duration of Greek language courses can range from 1 week to 12 weeks.