Learn Greek

Mykonos is basically a Greek-speaking island. Although the people in Mykonos may speak a little English to make feel at ease and welcomed, it will not be bad to learn a little Greek in Mykonos to get the fullest of your experience in this beautiful island. Because Greek is considered to be among the hardest languages to learn, nobody really expects you to speak the language fluently for a very short stay in Mykonos, but you can always learn some basic words and phrases as you make your way to the island.

In the following words and phrases, “e” here is read as in “egg” and “th” in “this”.


kalimera = good morning (you can use this both when coming to and going away from a place)

kalispera = good afternoon (use only when meeting someone)

kalinihta = good night (use this to bid goodbye)

herete = hello

yassou = hello or goodbye (when greeting one person or friend)

yassas = hello or goodbye (used to greet two or more people)

adio = goodbye



aspro = white

mavro = black

gri = grey

kokkino = red

ble = blue

kitrino = yellow

prassino = green

kafe = brown

mv = purple

galazio = light blue


Common Phrases

Efhari sto = thank you

Parakalo = you’re welcome

Milate Anglika? = Do you speak English?

Yes, a little = Ne, ligáki

Please speak more slowly = Parakaló míla pyo argá

How much is this? = Pósa kostízi aftó?

Where’s the toilet? = pu íne to báño?

I love you = S’agapó