• Relatively cheaper than a taxi, more convenient and comfortable than a bus, car rental in Mykonos would be a good option for those who want to have a more personalized exploration in the Greek island. As the top attractions in Mykonos are not situated very close to one another, you would need to travel to a few minutes or so to visit them one by one. A rented car in the city will be a wise choice if you really intend to see all – if not most – of these attractions as it saves you time and, well in some ways, money.
  • Rental price of cars in Mykonos varies with the season. During summer, as tourism comes to its peak, do not be surprised to find out if prices go sky high. Logically, the increase is reasonable given the rising demand from tourists, however, if you wish for some discounts, you can have it by booking for long periods. That means, if you rent the car longer, you’d be given a good amount of discount.
  • Cars as well as motorcycles and scooters can be rented for at least a day. On average, price range from 40 to 50 Euros per day (on an average season). Pricey, yes, but it’s definitely worth it. And you don’t even have to think about where to rent cars as there are various companies all around the island ready to give you a wide array of rental car options! Below are some contacts that can help you:

Car rental in Mykonos

Avis. At the port, Tel: 228 902 2960

Autorene, Maouna, Tel: 228 902 4552

Eurocar. At the port, Tel: 228 902 7111

Delos. In town, Tel: 228 902 3484

Hertz. Airport, Tel: 228 902 7346

Euroclub. Town, Tel: 228 902 3791

Sixt. Airport, Tel: 228 902 8862

Pier 1. Old port, Tel: 228 902 4004