The weather in Mykonos is well-known for wind and sunshine – but mostly sunshine. Because Mykonos is part of the island group, Cyclades, its climate is almost identical as the other islands – dry and hot summers with mild winters; very true for a Mediterranean climate.

Rain in Mykonos falls between the months of February and March. However, this is not too frequent. In the summer months, the temperature in the island can go high, but thanks to its cooler winds, the summer activities in Mykonos are not interrupted.

The temperature in Mykonos during winter season can go about 15 degrees. Unlike the other islands from the Aegean Sea, the temperature in Mykonos is 2 degrees cooler. This is because of the city’s geographical location. With a cooler summer and warmer winter, the vegetation in Mykonos is positively affected.

There are generally two kinds of winds in Mykonos that affect it. The first is the one during winter that blow from the south. This wind often bring along electrical storms in the island. The other is known as “Sirocco” which blows during spring and sends ‘red’ rain as the sand from the Mediterranean Sea is blown.

With a generally good weather all year-round, Mykonos offers itself to be a good tourist destination.