Mykonos is generally a seasonal destination. That said; expect your experience in the city to vary from one season to another. Many tourists though opt to explore the wonders and attractions of the island during July thru August because of summer. If you are thinking about meeting people from different parts of the world, this could be the best time to visit Mykonos. However, you would need to book your trips months earlier because these months are considered the peak season in the island.

If you are not so enthusiastic about bumping into strangers in the little streets of Mykonos though, you may choose to schedule your trip on months other than this. The months of May thru June offer a relaxed and pleasant Mykonos; the weather is equally sublime and is also perfect to stroll around its beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking landmarks.

The months from December thru March are the coldest times in island. Many would consider these months to be the least-likable months in terms of strolling around the island. But of course, because it is off-season, there are fewer tourists visiting the top attractions in Mykonos, thus, you’ll get a chance to experience its amazing longer.

The best time to visit Mykonos is relative. With proper planning, right information, and fun companion, you’ll see Mykonos is easy to enjoy regardless of the time and season.