Mykonos is home to many breathtaking sights you will never find elsewhere in the world. Topping this list of attractions in the island though are the following:

  • This small island is one of the country’s most well-known archaeological sites. Situated 2 kilometers from Mykonos town, the whole island of Delos has been declared a national museum.

  • Lying on the northwestern tip of Mykonos, this lighthouse was built in 1891. It provides visitors an overlooking view of the straight separating Tinos Island from Mykonos. Armenistis Lighthouse was designed with an “octagonal cylindrical stone tower”. It stands 62 ft tall with a focal plane of 604 ft.

  • Located in Chora or the Mykonos Town, the Windmills have been a recognized landmark in the island since the 16th Century. This landmark is a remembrance of the once-great wheat and bread production in Mykonos.

  • “Petros” has been the island’s official mascot for many years. The pelican became a local ‘resident’ in Mykonos when it gave up migrating after a storm in 1954. Thirty years later, Petros eventually died. The animal’s loss was deeply felt not just by the locals but by the tourists as well that when a replacement was found, the residents in the island established a tradition to care for pelicans in the waterfront in memory of Petros.

  • The Little Venice was given to the most western part of Mykonos where the “town meets the sea”. Because of it has been attracting a lot of visitors, businesses were established here and buildings were constructed on the edge of the sea. It has been said that during the 16th and 17th centuries, when pirating was rampant in the island, the Little Venice served as a loading and unloading point for goods.

  • This church is one of Greece’s most popular architectural structures. It lies near the main entrance of the harbor and is the central feature of the castle area, the oldest section in Mykonos. Paraportiani is a name which means, inner or secondary door. The church was constructed in 1475 and was originally a part of the five smaller churches built in the area during that time.

Of course, this list of the top attractions in Mykonos is not complete without its beautiful beaches. Among the famous beaches in the island are Psarou, Platys Gialos, and Paranga. These beaches boast of its clear cool waters and white sands.