The people of Mykonos have great contribution to the island’s popularity. Their hospitality and open attitude have been the remarkable qualities that were noticed by many of the tourists in the island. Because of Mykonos’ limited rainfall and rocky terrain, its people turned to the seas as their means of living. Fishing has been the main livelihood in Mykonos, but the people also engage in commercial trade which brought them in frequent contact with foreigners.

Mykonos is estimated to have a population of 11,000 people; of these though, about 4,000 are expatriates. During summer and peak seasons in the island, about 50,000 people come to the island as holiday makers and part-time workers.

As part of Greece, the country’s religiosity and strong family values have rubbed off the people in Mykonos despite their being liberal-mindedness. They are also known for having an easy-going and laid-back lifestyle. And who can blame them? They are living in a very beautiful island surrounded with magnificent attractions, including crystal cool waters. This lifestyle of the island’s people can be seen at night when you catch the people of Mykonos having fun and enjoying their nightlife.

A travel to Mykonos is indeed incomplete without mingling with the warm and friendly people of the city. Getting to know them, will not just make your stay more unforgettable, but will also gain you more new friends.