Mykonos may relatively be not as famous as other metropolitan cities in Greece like Athens and Santorini, but the city sure offers a lot of things to tourists that are certainly more than the usual. This page will help you get your way around Mykonos with this city guide made especially for you to have a more convenient and enjoyable stay in this Greek city.

When traveling Mykonos, you don’t just research about how to get there, its top attractions, and its public transport, you also need to learn about the numbers you need to dial in case of any emergency. The following digits will come very handy on your trip:

  • Police Station: 22890 22716
  • Tourist Police: 22890 22482
  • First Aid – Mykonos Town: 22890 22274
  • First Aid – Ano Mera: 22890 71395
  • Airport: 22890 22327
  • Customs: 22890 22492
  • Hospital: 22890 23994-7

To avoid getting lost, this map will point the way around Mykonos.


Business Hours

Most banks in Mykonos are open from Monday thru Friday, from 8 AM-2PM. A number of these establishments are situated on the harbor, two blocks away from the Taxi Square. There are countless of ATMs placed all over town.


Mykonos’ telephone office (OTE) is located on the harbor’s north side, just beyond Hotel Leto. It is open on weekdays, 7:30AM-3:00PM. If you want to get connected online, there are several internet cafes in the city. However, access to the internet here is quite expensive, charging from 16€ per hour!

Staying Safe

Generally, Mykonos is a safe island. Drunk driving is commonly the problem of most tourists here – so be careful in case you are considering renting a quad-bike or a motorbike. The roads in Mykonos are often narrow with me having sudden twists, so take extra precaution when you are exploring the place on your own with a vehicle.

At night, you need not worry about walking alone in the dark because it is generally safe to do so – and many tourists can attest to that.

Mykonos offers a lot of extraordinary things to see and experience. But wherever you are, it pays to do a research before packing your bags. Hope this page was able to help you with that purpose.