The Greek islands are fabled all throughout the centuries for their history, beauty, inspiration, and of course, its beaches. Mykonos, although better known to be a jet set destination, is also a good place for those thinking about where to study abroad. With a little research, you will find one school that will fit what you are looking for in an educational institution. However, before you pack your bags and live as a student expat in this Greek island, you might want to consider answering the following questions first:

Where would you enroll?

Sure there are quite a number of schools to choose from in Mykonos, but where exactly would you want to enroll in? Remember that everything in Mykonos is priced highly, and these include education in the island. It will be wise for you, prior to moving to the island, to do a research about the different schools in Mykonos. Read about its course offerings, its amenities and facilities as well as its price and payments. If you are lucky, you might also be able to stumble upon a school that offers scholarships to foreign students. Try to match your skills and interest with the programs offered in each school.

Where will you live?

Studying in Mykonos also entails for you to find a place to live in. Whether it is in a dormitory inside the school premise or renting an apartment, the important thing is your safety and convenience. Safety wise, the first would be an ideal choice, although that would also mean having to follow strict rules and regulations implemented in the school in university. The latter is good if you want a more personalized and independent feeling living in Mykonos. However, it is way more costly than the first.

How will you adapt?

Because the people in Mykonos are generally warm and friendly, adapting in the island would not be that hard. But since most of the locals speak Greek as their mother tongue, it would be good to learn Greek in Mykonos too as part of your effort to getting adapted. You can either find someone, a friend perhaps, to give you a little language lesson, or make it more formal by enrolling in a language school in Mykonos. Whatever your choice, learning the language in the island will prove to be worth the time and money.

Answering these few questions will be a huge help in making your learning experience in Mykonos smoother.