So you fell in-love to Mykonos and decided a short stay in the island is just not enough. As you’ve made up your mind to be an expat in Mykonos, here’s a good check list for you to make sure of a smooth transition.


Preparing for a week in Mykonos for vacation is so unlike preparing to move to Mykonos. If you are a citizen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, you do not need to acquire a visa anymore, if you intend to stay in the island for a maximum of three months. The same goes for those coming from EU countries, although they would need to have a valid passport. For those coming from other parts of the world, visa and valid passports are to be secured before moving to the island.

Those intending to stay long in Mykonos should get a Schengen visa which is divided into three categories, a tourist visa (for those who will be in Mykonos for up to three months), business visa (for those who are going to the island for business purposes), and work visa (for those who want to look for a job in the island). The latter should be what an expat in Mykonos should acquire. Most work visa specifies the the length of time and nature of employment an expat can get in Mykonos (and other parts of Greece). To acquire a work visa, a number of documents have to be submitted first to the country’s Ministry of Labor.


All the necessities in Mykonos do not come cheap, so make sure you get a job when you move to the island to help in your daily expenses. Unless you’re one of those millionaires and celebrities simply looking for a peaceful and relaxing place to be, you’d need to find a living in the island to sustain your needs.


Mykonos will practically be your new home after you move, thus, you’d also need to make sure you have one when you arrive to the island. Most apartments and complexes in Mykonos are quite pricey, but if you have a pal to divide the rent or payment, it will be relatively affordable.


With its favorable Mediterranean weather, you would not have to bring a lot of winter clothes. Instead, make sure you pack a lot of comfortable clothes – plus swimsuits – to feel comfortable in the island.

There may still be a lot of things to think and worry about when moving to Mykonos, but the important thing is that you enjoy this new experience and embrace this new life living in Mykonos.