Living in Mykonos is not like spending weekend in Mykonos, not even long weekend in Mykonos. As an expat in this Greek island, you are bound to make major adjustments in a lot of things, which should also be something you should weigh in first before making up your mind to live as an expatriate in the island. Among these things are the following:


If you are like those Hollywood celebrities and other elites who are considerably filthy rich, your finances in Mykonos would not be a problem at all. However, if you are just like the average expat looking for better and bigger opportunities, this may be a serious consideration when living in Mykonos as the island does not come cheap at all! From your food to transportation, accommodation, and everything, you will have to allot a pricey amount of money to live a relatively comfortable expat life in Mykonos. It would thus make a big difference if you really do get yourself a job in Mykonoseven before you’ve settled yourself in the island.


To live as an expat – legally– in Mykonos is not easy, especially for those coming from outside Europe. If you are seriously thinking about making Mykonos your new address, then processing your papers to make everything legal should be something you’d need to prioritize even before you pack your bags to live in Mykonos.


Not only does Mykonos offer you unique attractions, but a unique culture as well. Prior to moving to Mykonos, it would be good to do your research first and learn about this culture, particularly that which involves the people in Mykonos. Learn about how they live, what they do and what they enjoy for you to easily adapt in this new environment.

Living in Mykonos may be an exciting thing to think about – because it is! – but it needs a lot of preparation and consideration.