Deciding to live as an expatriate in Mykonos would also mean learning about where to get jobs in the island. And why not, Mykonos is one of Greece’s pricey islands! Each day living in Mykonos would mean spending on costly things, like transportation, food, clothing, bills, and apartment among other things.

Because Mykonos is often frequented by thousands of tourists each year, the best place to find job is those related to the hospitality and tourism industry of the island (e.g. hotels, restaurants, tourist services, etc.). The best time to find job in Mykonos is in early April. Because the orthodox Easter comes at the end of the month, most businesses in Mykonos will be needing some hand. Aside from submitting your application letters to recruitment agencies, a good way to get that coveted job is by literally knocking on the doors of your prospective job. Simply put, if you want to get a job, go for it! However, it would be good to bear in mind that working in the island will take a lot of hard work. Get ready to work 10 hours a day for 7 days a week for money that isn’t really a lot.

Note though that in finding job in Mykonos, you will be up against the many locals and migrants, who like you, are eying to get hired too. If you want a higher paying job, make sure you have the legalities to work in the island; if not, then you just have to settle for lower jobs with meager income. Yes, even without the legalities, you still can acquire a job in Mykonos. Unfortunately, working illegally in Mykonos takes your civil and political rights; what you have is human rights – and that’s it. If you start working for someone in the island and are not paid after a month’s time of working, who do you go to to complain? No one. Not even the police can help you with this because in the first place, you are not legally entitled to work in Mykonos.

Bottom line is, you need to get a job in Mykonos if you’ve already decided to live as expatriate in the island.