Despite being known as one of Greece’s most expensive island, many people still choose to become expatriates in Mykonos. It probably isn’t just about the top attractions in Mykonos that they fell in love with; not even just about the warm hospitality of its people and the favorable Mediterranean weather. People coming from in and outside Greece do come to Mykonos and live to be expatriates because of the island’s vast range of opportunities – whether for business, education or retirement.

When deciding to be an expat in Mykonos, there are a few things to consider though for a smooth transition.

First, you’d have to think about the real estate in Mykonos. As you will begin a new life in this beautiful island, you’d have to secure your place to live in. With Mykonos’ reputation of being a pricey place, you can expect that owning a property in the island does not come cheap – so better make sure to do your research and choose your purchase very carefully.

Another thing to consider is how you will be living in Mykonos. As an old adage say, When in Rome, do what the Romans do – well in this case, in Greece. It would help if you observe the lifestyle and culture of the people in Mykonos to help you adapt in your new environment faster. Also, before considering about the life in the island, know also how it is to be moving to Mykonos. This includes learning about the requirements to get to the island, particularly getting a visa.

Finding a living in Mykonos should be another thing to think about when deciding to be an expat in the island. Considering the high cost of living in Mykonos, one would really need to find jobs in Mykonos – even if you just intend to be studying in Mykonos only.

Being an expat is life-changing decision to make, thus, you’d have to carefully plan every step of your move.