Stairs of Mykonos

A famed cosmopolitan destination among the many islands in Greece, Mykonos has a reputation of having country’s most sophisticated nightlife. That said; do not be surprised to if it is also its most expensive city.

Year after year, Mykonos attracts thousands of visitors coming from various parts of the world, especially during summer. If you are not fond of the crowd, this factor may help you consider when to visit Mykonos the best.

Mykonos is filled with fantastic landscapes and villages picturesque enough to mesmerize you. Top Mykonos attractions will also include its beautiful sandy beaches that are considered to have one of the clearest and cleanest seas in the Cycladic islands.

With an area of just about 85 square kilometres, there are about 10,000 people of Mykonos. These people are all ready to welcome everybody with their warm hospitality and welcoming smiles.

The stony and hilly landscape of Mykonos has made it famous in several Greek mythologies, including that of Hercules fighting the Giants, which makes Mykonos history more than interesting.

As in most islands in the Cyclades, Mykonos weather is mostly bright and sunny, particularly from April to August. It has very few springs and lots of suns.

These are just a few Mykonos information you’d need to know when visiting the city. Browse over for more details and city guide.