Theaters in Mykonos can be seen in two ways: one in a historical perspective, the other in a modern view.

Historical Theaters

Historically, the theaters in Mykonos serve as manifestation of the Ancient Greece’s rich and glorious past. These theaters come in the form of ruins to give you just a glimpse or a picture of what the island is thousands of years ago. However, if you want to take a look at these ruins, you will have to travel by ferry for about 30 minutes to reach the neighboring island of Delos.

Delos is a favorite day tour activity among tourists not just for its scenic views but also for its rich historical offerings. Myths have it that the island is the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, the twin children of Zeus. Further south of Delos is the Theater Quarter, a great classical theater with a capacity of 5,000 spectators. This ancient theater is one of the few structures in the island built entirely in marble. Its construction date back in 314 BC and was said to have taken 70 years to be completed.

The east of the theater is called the House of the Dolphins as it features a fine mosaic depicting the sea creatures. At the center of the theater is the orchestra which, according to a study to a study of the University of Athens, is the brightest point of the Mediterranean. The southeast end of the ruins contains sanctuaries of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Modern Theaters

At present, theaters in Mykonos serve as a venue to gather people, locals and tourists alike, and show films for everyone to enjoy.

Among the favorite modern theaters in Mykonos is Cine Manto which is an outdoor cinema often flocked by crowds of people during the summer. Cine Manto is located at the heart of Mykonos Town. It lies at a vast garden surrounded by pine trees, cacti, and palm trees. In this open theater, moviegoers can enjoy watching latest movie productions under the sky surrounded with bright stars.

To further enjoy the movie experience, people can also find cafes and snack bars.

The theaters in Mykonos will be a pleasurable activity to add in your to-do list in Mykonos.