With a favorable Mediterranean weather, Mykonos is also a perfect destination for active tourists. And if it’s sports you want, the sunny beaches in the island should be where you should be heading. Among these activities are the following:

Wakeboard, waterski, wake surf, and wake skate

Expert or not, the beaches in Mykonos offer an ideal place to try these water sports. With anticipation of the many tourists in the island to try the water sports in Mykonos, a number of professional instructors are just around the beaches to offer their expertise. These water sports are ideal for all age and skills levels.

Scuba diving

It will definitely be hard to get out of the water when in Mykonos. Scuba diving in the island for instance will be an ideal activity to try given the rich resources of Mykonos’ waters. Scuba diving courses are offered in this high-end Greek island for beginners. It costs around 450 € for advanced open water dive and 350 € for rescue dive. Certified divers can enjoy a dive in the waters for 60 € for a single dive.

Diving in Mykonos will be like diving into the island’s ancient history as you will get a glimpse of the traces not just from the ancient Greece but from the Roman Empire as well.

Horseback Riding

Although water sports are the most preferred sports in the island, there are also ‘land’ sports in Mykonos that everyone can enjoy. Horseback riding is one of these. Here, horseback riders will get to discover the island in a different way – with the scenic countryside, little donkey paths, and hillside trails. Unlike other sports, horseback riding in Mykonos does not require previous experience as the well-trained horses in the island are as hospitable as the locals.

There simply are a lot of things to do in Mykonos; sports in the island are just among them.