The top attractions in Mykonos aren’t the only things you would be looking forward to when visiting this beautiful Greek island; its Greek cuisines, too!

Based around colorful and flavorful foods with high nutrients and low animal fats, the Greek diet is a perfect manifestation of a healthy traditional Medeterranean eating. Below are some of the common compositions of Greek cuisines:

Grain-based foods

For thousands of years now, wheat has been a staple in Greece. Many bread varieties in the country use wheat, including, peasant and pita breads. Bulgur and pasta are other wheat-based foods famous among Greeks. The first is made from cracked whole wheat and is often eaten to accompany hearty stews, salads, or soups; the latter was introduced by the Italians.

Nuts and legumes

Lentils, split peas, lima beans, and chickpeas are just some of the favorite legumes used in traditional Greek dishes. The people in Mykonos eat them either whole in soups, salads, pilafs, and stews, or pureed to be used as dip and spread.

Olive oil and olives

Olives has been part of the Greek cooking since the ancient times. The virgin olive oil, which is often used in most Greek dishes, came from the first col pressing of olives. This golden green oil is also used to as dip for crusty bread. Aside from oil, olives are also eaten as whole by the people in Mykonos. The plump kalamata olive is usually added in salads and stews to be eaten as whole.

Vegetables, fruits, and seasonings

Because Greek is famous for its warm climate, growing fruits and vegetables in the country is ideal. For vegetarians and health buffs, Greek cuisines will be a haven for you as the fruits and vegetables in the country come in abundant amounts. In fact, the myriad of flavorful and colorful vegetables is already a fundamental part of the Greek cuisine. Garlic, zucchini, eggplant, onions, fennel, cabbage, wild greens called horta, and lettuce are just a few vegetables and flavorings often seen in Greek delicacies.

Fruits in the Greece are eaten fresh or preserved thru drying. Some of the favorite preserved fruits in Greece are grapes, apricots, cherries, dates, figs, plums, and pears.

For seasonings, the Greeks often use cilantro, mint, sea salt, cinnamon, oregano, dill, and flat-leaf parsley to add flavor to their dishes.

Desserts and beverages

For dessert, the Greeks love fresh and dried fruits. Pastries and other rich desserts are usually preserved for special occasions (during birthdays or anniversaries).

Unlike other countries, where wine is reserved for special occasions, this beverage is consumed regularly in the country. Beer and ouzo (ani seed flavored spirit) are two of the favorite alcoholic beverages in Greece as well; while strong black coffee for non-alcoholic drink.

The food in Mykonos will surely keep you full and satisfied as you explore the island.