Yes, Mykonos is one of Greek’s most expensive islands, but this should not hinder tourists – in a budget or not – to have a great time in this beautiful Greek island. Aside from the daytime activities, the night activities in Mykonos are also wide ranging. One of these options is to have a good drink while partying at some of the island’s favorite bars listed below.

Pierros Bar

This legendary gay bar is known to host some of the island’s fanciful parties, especially during the summer. Located in Matoyanni Street, this bar was founded by Andreas Koutsoukos, a local of Mykonos, and Pierro Aversa, an Italian-American painter. This bar boasts of a classy ambiance, thanks to its interiors that were tastefully done. For years now, the bar has been a favorite hangout spot among designers, artists, and supermodels coming from around the world. Other than the good drinks they serve, Pierros also provide drag shows and great music for entertainment. This exclusive bar is worth the visit – if you have the budget.


One of the island’s most famous bars, Skandinavian hosts night long parties perfect for the party animals. This bar is also among the oldest bars in Mykonos. Built in 1978, Skandinavian has two open air service areas (ideal for those who smoke), an outdoor veranda, and a huge dance floor. For those who want a more personalized service, the club also has a VIP room. The bar’s fanciful cocktails is made more enjoyable with its warm and friendly atmosphere.


Located in Little Venice’s seafront, Caprice offers a picturesque view of the town while enjoying a good drink they serve. Whilst the party in Little Venice starts at noon, the one in Caprice happens all day long. Its bohemian interiors and relaxing music is ideal for those who simply want to chill out with their friends or loved ones. Peak seasons, particularly the summer, makes the bar get a little more crowded yet this would not make the fun in the bar any less. You can choose from its wide array of exotic cocktails and have a good time in this bar.


Small it may be, but this bar is often regarded as the coolest bar in Mykonos, especially among the locals. It is situated in the wine cellars of Antonopoulos in Mykonos Town. This bar is a favorite among the fashionable Greeks and the foreign crowd. It opens from 10 in the evening and remains so until the last customer leaves.


This bar is one of the popular bars in the island. Its unique ambiance brought by its bohemian wall paintings and lamp shades make it an interesting place to enjoy a chat with pals. Among the popular drink choices in this bar are Margaritas, Mojitos, and Bloody Mary.

These are just a few of the bars in Mykonos for an enjoyable nightlife in the island.