Mykonos nightlife is another reason why the island is one of the most frequented places in Greece. Often put in comparison to Ibiza, the nightlife in Mykonos has a wide range of offerings, entertainment wise. Whether you are a male or female; straight or gay, the fun and excitement in Mykonos’ nightlife will make your vacation more unforgettable.

The party options in Mykonos nightlife is as plenty as the choices in daytime activities. Although drinks in Mykonos clubs and Mykonos bars are expensive (nothing less than 9€), this does not mean for you not to have a good drink in the island at night. In fact, if you are a little more resourceful, you’ll find a way to lessen you drink expenses in Mykonos – say, buying your drink earlier in supermarkets!

Aside from the party venues, there are also fashion shops, small supermarkets, boutiques, and jewelers in the island that closes until 1AM to give you more time to enjoy your shopping experience. And for the oldies – or even those who are just not a fan of late night parties, there are countless of restaurants in Mykonos that serves sumptuous delicacies for dinner you can forget about your diet!

To find out the best place to party in Mykonos, check out our list of the clubs and bars in the island from the link above.

Party animal or not, there is always something that everyone can enjoy in Mykonos at night. So after an exhaustive day exploring the top attractions in Mykonos, have time to let loose and be yourself in Mykonos nightlife.