Mykonos may be known for its lively night spots and wild nightlife, but with creativity, research, and resourcefulness, you’ll find that there are a number of things that the family – with kids – can enjoy in this Greek island.

In the morning, you can take your kids to explore the island‘s capital,Chora. They will be delighted to see the town’s picturesque Windmills which served as remembrance of the island’s wheat and bread production many years ago. The Little Venice will also provide a breathtaking sight for the kids with its relaxing view of the sea. You can also enjoy a walk to the small alleys in the island, while taking a snapshot of its unique and colorful houses.

If your kids are up for some educational trips, you can also tour them around the various museums in Mykonos. Bring them for a visit at the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos and let them see interesting collections of jewellery, figurines, funerary statues, and pottery which date thousands of years ago. If your kids are interested in ships, you can also take them to the Aegean Maritime Museum, where they can take a look at a wide range of nautical instruments and ancient vessels.

Of course, kids love the beach! And if it’s beach they want, Mykonos will not be a disappointment. Blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean weather, Mykonos beaches will a great place for the kids to dip in the cool waters or bathe under the sun. Some of the favorite beaches in Mykonos are Plati Gialos, Psarou Beach, Agios Ioannis, and Megali Ammos. Aside from taking a bath, you and your family can also enjoy beach sports and activities like doing sand castles, playing beach volleyball, and many more!

For families with kids who love Greek mythology and have a longer time to stay in the island, you can go have a day tour in Delos. Located not far from Mykonos (just a few minutes away via ferry), Delos features ruins from Ancient Greek. It is said to be the birthplace of twin gods, Artemis and Apollo. The sights in this island are ideal for those who want to do some educational adventure.

Although the nightlife of Mykonos is not for kids, you can always treat them to a good Mykonos restaurant and have them taste some of the island’s hearty and healthy Greek cuisines for dinner.

There surely are a lot of things that you and your kids can enjoy in Mykonos. So bring them to the island and let them experience the beauty and offerings of Mykonos.