Mykonos for Free

Sure, it’s a given that Mykonos is one of Greece’s most expensive islands, but this does not mean that you’d have to spend all your money – and go home bankrupt – when exploring this beautiful island.

Many of the top attractions of Mykonos are actually open for everyone to see and experience for free. For one, you can stroll around the capital of the island, Chora or Mykonos Town sans the expenses. You can enjoy wandering around the market street in town and do window shopping in the countless boutiques, jewellery stores, and designer shops. There are also a lot of souvenir stalls lining the streets that you can check out. Because the market area does not allow entrance of motorbikes and cars, you’d have all the good time strolling around the enchanting maze of its winding alleys (which was originally built to confuse the invading pirates in the 17th – 18th AD). The market area is the busiest street in Mykonos Town, from the afternoon until dawn. People just hang around, chat, and simply enjoy the place without having to spend anything. You can also go around and check out the colorful houses in Mykonos Town. You will be mesmerized by these structures, especially designed to withstand the harsh winds and scorching heat of the sun.

The Mykonos Port is another good option for a free Mykonos experience. This lively and busy part of the island’s capital is renowned for being the hanging place of the pelicans – perfect for you to see this island’s mascot!

Whether you have a long weekend or just a short stay in Mykonos, your trip in this beautiful island is not complete without taking a dip or just a walk on its breathtaking beaches. Although the bars, hotels, and restaurants situated near the beaches are pretty expensive, the beach itself can be enjoyed for FREE! So you can grab your towels and swimsuit to experience the beaches in Mykonos.

Celebrity or not, there is no reason not to enjoy Mykonos. It may be Greece’s most expensive island, but you sure can still find a lot of things to do and enjoy without spending anything.