From sports to shopping, the list of the things to do in Mykonos does not stop! For health buffs, there are also a number of fitness centers in the Greek island that can help you stay fit and healthy whilst experiencing the best that Mykonos has to offer. Here are some of them:

Neptune Fitness Center

Hotel Kivotos

+30 22890 24094

Combining comfort and energy, Neptune Fitness Center showcases stylish state-of-the-art facilities for your fitness needs. This fitness center probably has all the gym equipment you’d need to tone up your body.

Right after gym, you can also head to the hotel’s Yoga classes to get a more holistic fitness experience. The Yoga classes of Kivotos are overlooking the entrancing sea of the island to better induce relaxation of the mind and body. This experience is good for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Elixir Fitness Gallery


+30 22890 27900

Housed in a hotel located in one of the island’s top beaches, Psarou, this boutique spa offers you enough space to stretch your body while expanding your mind to “regain a sense of balance”. This fitness gallery has a fitness room with cardio equipment and Cybex, a sauna, private massage rooms, loungers, and changing facilities equipped with private lockers. Its full range of spa treatments will give you a truly relaxing experience.


Belvedere Hotel

+30 22890 25122

The hotel gym/fitness center assures guests with fitness facilities they’d need to stay fit and sexy without leaving the hotel premises anymore. Reflecting the tranquility of the island, the fitness center’s roof is designed with bougainvilla to give it a feel of being outdoor in Mykonos. The fitness center has a stretching area, a cardiovascular equipment area, and a strength equipment area.

If you’ll notice most, if not all, of these fitness facilities are all housed inside a hotel in the island. This is mainly because most hotels in Mykonos value time and convenience of their guests they do not want them to go out anymore to be fit. Besides, given the sky-high prices of hotel accommodations in Mykonos, a fitness center would make the payment worth it.