All year round, various feasts and religious festivals take place in Mykonos, Greece, most of which in celebration of the feast day of the island’s many churches. During these great festivities, bountiful sumptuous food and wine are served, while dances and music events take place all night long.

One of the best times to come to the city is during summer. Aside from the warm and sunny weather (that allows you to do a lot of stroll in the beach), summer in Mykonos also offer a wide variety of art exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances. Organized by the island’s municipality, these events often bring together many artists coming from all over the world, which would make a visit in the island during these days truly enjoyable.

Two of the main celebrations often looked forward to by locals and tourists alike are the Greek Orthodox Easter during April and the Feast of the Assumption in August. In September, the feast of the grape harvest also takes place. During this time, tourists in the island can get a taste of the delicious grapes in Mykonos – which include wine-tasting too!

Taking part in Mykonos festivals is surely one thing to add in your things to do list in Mykonos. Most of these events can be enjoyed for free, thus, given Mykonos pricey lifestyle; these events will significantly cut off your expenses while experiencing the best of the island.

So whether you have a short stay or long weekend in Mykonos, participating in the island’s festivities will already give you better understanding of this Greek island’s culture and way of life.