As one of Greece’s top tourist destinations, Mykonos serves its visitors not only with its top attractions, but also with a numerous things to do.

For one, tourists can enjoy visiting the Museums in Mykonos. Because Greece is noted for its very rich history, you can expect to see a wide range of interesting collections in the island’s museums. Every visit in each museum will give you better understanding of Mykonos’ culture and way of life.

Stopping by and taking a picture of the architecture in Mykonos will also be a good thing to do in the Greek island. There is a number of breathtaking architecture in Mykonos that will really mesmerize you and make your visit worthwhile. On the other hand, if you are fond of celebrations, Mykonos festivals will be a good event to take part in. The festivities in the island will also bring better understanding of Mykonos culture.

Hungry? The restaurants in Mykonos will fill you in with its sumptuous and delicious offerings of Greek cuisine. At night, the Mykonos nightlife will give you an experience you can never forget.

There are also shopping options in Mykonos that will excite the shopaholics. Shopping in Mykonos will be a different experience for anyone. Other things to do in Mykonos include those for athletic individuals with its sports and fitness options; the theaters and music in Mykonos will be a good thing to do for art lovers.

If you are traveling with kids, Mykonos for kids will provide you with family-friendly ideas. And if you are in a budget – because Mykonos is one expensive island – you can always try the free things to do in Mykonos.