Small but incredible. This is the best way to describe Greece’s ‘little Venice’, Mykonos or simply Chora for the locals. It is a small island known for its nightlife, beaches and enchanting sunset. Although the island is small, its beauty is exceptional. The island’s landscape is a beautiful sight to look at, with five windmills, churches, shops, whitewashed houses with flat roofs, colorful shutters on the doors and windows, flowered balconies and endless small streets that form a remarkable labyrinth.

The Allure of Mykonos

Aside from its nightlife, beaches and enchanting sunset, Mykonos Greece has a lot more to offer. Like the complicated design of their narrow paved streets that was intended to confuse the pirates in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; the Agricultural Museum housed in a sixteenth century windmill; museums like the Archaeological and Aegean Maritime Museums that housed various ancient artifacts related to the history of Mykonos and other nearby islands; Paraportiani, one of the most architectural structure in Greece; Petros the Pelican, an old celebrity of the city’s harbor; a lot of churches and chapels like Panagia Paraportiani; waves splashing windows, creating a little Venice scenery and the famous street of souvenir shops, fashion boutiques, and bars; Matogianni.

What tourist needs to know?
Here is a guide to what you should know if you are planning to visit the jewel of the Aegean, the city of Mykonos.

Why visit Mykonos?
Mykonos is the most famous island in Greece and certainly one if not the most beautiful city in the Greek islands. As many people say, “You have not seen Greece, until you have seen Mykonos.” A city that can be traveled all on foot while marveling at its one of a kind beauty, traditional architecture, endless parties and complicated labyrinth like streets.

When is the best time to come?
Mykonos, the island of winds, as the locals call it has the perfect sunny weather. Its climate is characterized by hot, dry summers, mild winters and low rainfall. You can expect rain showers between October and April but it hardly ever rains during summer. This period is usually warm and sunny, best for swimming in the beach, relaxing at cozy cafes while eating or / and drinking something, wandering or to lose your way in the labyrinth of narrow streets.

Who should visit Mykonos?
Mykonos is a good place to travel for anyone who wants to work on their tan, to take pleasure in the breathtaking white beaches, to marvel at the amusing architectures and enchanting sunset and to those looking for long and great cosmopolitan nightlife.